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Course curriculum

Course Description

What will I learn?

  • Test functionality of Java applications using JUnit
  • Write test cases using Assertions and Matchers
  • Create mock objects to test interdependent classes
  • Run multiple test classes under different conditions

About the course

JUnit is one of a family of unit testing frameworks all built with the same philosophy. To abstract the programmer away from the mechanics of running tests. You concentrate on testing the functionality of the application, and the logistics of running, monitoring and displaying results is taken care of by the framework.

In this course, we’ll be writing simple tests using all the different features of JUnit tests. Using 25 solved examples, you'll get a complete overview of the JUnit framework and all the functionality within.

What's Covered


  • The fundamental component of any Junit test


  • Write complicated tests in a very readable way. Implement your own custom matchers


  • Check for preconditions and external dependencies


  •  Setup and Cleanup for your tests


  • Understand what goes on under the hood in JUnit. Use different runners to run multiple test classes with different conditions and parameters


  • Understand the concept of mock objects and use the Mockito framework to run tests on interdependent classes.

Who should take the course?

  • Yep! Software Engineers who are looking to learn how to test Java applications
  • Yep! Students learning Java who want to get familiar with testing

Pre-requisites & Requirements

  • Experience in Java programming and familiarity with using Java frameworks

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