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Course curriculum

Course Description

hat will I learn?

  • Build and deploy natural-sounding chatbots
  • Design and build sound interaction models for your chatbots
  • Deploy web apps to Heroku
  • Develop third-party apps for Slack and other messaging platforms

About the course

Chatbots are voice-aware bots, i.e. computer programs designed to simulate human conversations with users.  This course introduces Dialogflow, Google's conversational interface for bots, devices and applications.

  • DialogFlow is state-of-the-art, launched in September 2016
  • No deep learning or natural language processing expertise is needed to build even very complex bots
  • Provides an intuitive way of specifying the conversational interface
  • Automatically and dynamically adjusts conversational responses
  • Easy to build, test and publish apps
  • Supports one-click integration with other chat platforms such as Slack and Facebook

What's Covered

The big picture:

  •  How conversation flows in Dialogflow

Interaction models

  • Intents, entities, contexts and their resolution into API calls

Managing dialogs

  • Handling the flow of conversation using linear and non-linear dialogs.

Fulfilment models

  • Using webhooks to fulfill user intents and how to connect to external services to respond to queries.


  • Deploying a flask app to Heroku, and a Cloud Function to the Google Cloud Platform

Third-party integration

  • Integrating a bot with Slack

Who should take the course?

  • Website and mobile app developers looking to add chat functionality
  • Software developers looking to build sophisticated chatbots
  • Developers of Facebook, Slack or other messaging platform apps looking to add chatbots to their apps

Pre-requisites & Requirements

  • Basic proficiency at programming in Python

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